1. Add soil contents to planter

2. Add enough warm (not hot) water to fully moisten the soil (about 5 or 6 ounces)

3. After water absorbs, stir soil and allow to sit for about 10 minutes

4. Fluff soil and remove about 2-3 tbsp. soil and set aside

5. Sprinkle seeds evenly over soil

6. Cover seeds with 1/8” soil and gently press soil over seeds

7. Place planter in a warm, semi dark area (just away from direct light, not in complete darkness as it may cause mold)

NOTE: For faster results cover planter loosely with plastic wrap just until first sprouts appear (no longer than 1 -2 days)

8. After sprouts appear or no more than two days, remove plastic wrap and move to a sunny location

9. Keep soil moist until grass reaches 3”. Check moisture daily. Once established: do not over water.

10. In about 4-7 days, once grass reaches about 4-5” it is ready to feed to your pet.

Grass naturally withers in a few weeks.

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HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WATER: After the initial planting, grass should be watered sparingly. Our special soil blend retains moisture very well so it is important not to over-water. You will want to water the soil once it is almost dry but before the grass starts to wilt. 2-3 tablespoons of water should do it. Many factors will affect the watering schedule such as air temperature and amount of direct sunlight.

CAN I GROW MY SEEDS OUTSIDE: This grass can grow outside in a shady location but not in direct sunlight as it will wither quickly in direct sun.

HOW DO I GET MY FINICKY CAT TO EAT THIS GRASS: Here are a few tricks to entice, you can place the planter near their food bowl, or in any location that your cat frequents and usually the cat will nibble away at it like that. If your cat is hesitant to eat the grass from the planter, you can try cutting some pieces up and putting it with their food, or some cats even prefer to eat the bits off of the floor. Some people add a bit of dried catnip to encourage their cats.

ARE REFILLS AVAILABLE: Refills are available, we offer a 3 pack refill that includes 3 seed packs and 3 soil disks. You can find it here:


HOW DO I AVOID MOLD: Our Organic seeds are very resistant to mold due to their quick germination period however mold can be caused by either overwatering or too dark of a location. For the best results water only as needed and keep in a well lit area.

WHY IS THERE NO DRAINAGE HOLE: Our special soil retains moisture and needs little water so there is no need for a drain hole to eliminate excess water.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I REPLANT: Pet grass naturally withers after a few weeks. Each seed is a plant in itself and in every batch of pet grass there are hundreds of little seeds all hungry for nutrients and water.There are only so many nutrients in soil so in the natural process, as these little seedlings use up the nutrients they start to become yellow, meaning that they have used up the minerals and nutrients to feed their hungry appetites.

To extend the life of the grass:
1. DO NOT OVERWATER this allows the soil to maintain its nutrients longer and helps slow the yellowing process.
2. In the summer, place your pet grass in the coolest place in the house you can find, especially on those hotter summer days.
3. Make sure your pet grass gets sufficient light, light provides important nutrients to the grass as well.