About Us

The Cat Ladies believe in a world where kids can be kids and pets can be a part of every child's life. We offer only the finest quality organic pet products and responsibly sourced children's products because we believe that animals and kids are friends forever. Inspired by our own pets and children we founded The Cat Ladies to bring that connection to life whether real or in the wonderful imagination of children at play.
This is us, we are the cat ladies and we own 5 cats, 3 dogs, birds, fish and a bunny! As you can see we love animals and animal related products. We manufacture our own line of pet products at our factory in Valencia California.
  • The Cat Ladies manufactures most of it's own products here in the USA and
  • We proudly support several pet adoption and pet related fundraisers throughout the USA every year. 



We are a family business. A mother-Daughter duo Inspired by our own animals we wanted to sell pet related products that were friendly to the environment and creative. We have fun every day coming up with new products and ideas to meet our cats, dogs and even human wishes!