Your Cat Deserves the Best

Give Your Cats the Nutrition They Need

Our cat grass is packed with the essential vitamins your furry friends need for healthy digestion & hairball control. Plus it’s super easy (and fun!) to grow.

The Purrfect Gift

A planter for every kind of cat parent.

From the cutest cat mug to a rustic wood planter, our cat grass growing kits are the perfect present for any cat-lover on your list.

New & Exclusive

Hello Kitty by The Cat Ladies

We've partnered with Hello Kitty to bring you the cutest cat grass planter around

Over 3000 4.5 star reviews

Reviews from happy customers (and cats)

My 9 year old Cat “Lola “ loves this cat grass. I wish I can grow this in my backyard. she loves it!!! Thank you cat ladies

My 7 year old cat never goes outdoors so when I plant a little pot of grass, I have to hide it until it grows about 4-5 inches high. When I show it to her she comes running and can hardly wait until I put it down on the floor.

This was a fun thing to do as my cat watched, I had to cover it with a plastic bowl while it was growing because my cat tried to eat it right away. I will definitely get refills when she finishes it, just so she can get more later.

My elder cat and kittens alike adore the grass, they can't get enough of it!

Good experience. ordered thru quick delivery and my cat loves it.

My cats went crazy over this cat grass! My older one has been munching on it ever since! So happy I found this!

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Growing is easy

Step 1

Place soil disk in planter

Step 2

Place top tray under planter to catch water, then add water

Step 3

Sprinkle on seeds

Step 4

Sprouts in 4–6 days

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