The Cat Ladies' Cat Grass Kit Joins Ellen's Paws Up Club for Happy, Healthy Cats

The Cat Ladies' Cat Grass Kit Joins Ellen's Paws Up Club for Happy, Healthy Cats

Whiskers and Wellness: The Cat Ladies' Cat Grass Kit Joins Ellen's Paws Up Club for Happy, Healthy Cats

Austin, Texas - The Cat Ladies are thrilled to announce that Ellen’s Paws Up Club has handpicked their White Cat Mug Cat Grass Kit, showcasing the exceptional quality and irresistible appeal of this feline-friendly product.

Ellen’s Paws Up Club revolves around fostering fun, connections, and quality time with pets. The Cat Ladies firmly believe that their grass seed kit seamlessly aligns with this mission by championing a healthier and happier life for all cats, making it a delightful addition to the club's curated offerings.

 This latest addition to the Paws Up Club underscores the significance of providing cats with a snacking option that is both enjoyable and safe. The charming kit comes complete with everything needed to grow your own cat grass and is meticulously designed to ensure feline well-being. It serves as an organic, natural source of essential vitamins, fiber, and minerals, contributing to hairball control and addressing digestive issues crucial for a cat's overall health and sustained happiness.

 Beyond being a plaything for excitable cats, the Cat Ladies' grass kit offers the ideal solution for pet owners concerned about safety hazards associated with cats nibbling on houseplants or other non-pet-friendly options. The Cat Ladies are dedicated to providing practical and aesthetically pleasing products, seamlessly incorporating greenery into every cat owner's home while prioritizing the well-being of their feline companions.

This collaboration not only introduces a charming addition to the Paws Up Club but also provides a fantastic opportunity for cat owners to delve deeper into the importance of cat grass within a cat’s diet. The Cat Ladies are committed to being a comprehensive source of knowledge and support for all pet owners because, as they emphasize, cat grass isn't just for cats—it's an essential element of a holistic approach to feline well-being.

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At The Cat Ladies, we are excited to be working with Ellen's Paws Up Club, and we hope that all cat owners and cat lovers get the opportunity to give their cat a Cat Mug Cat Grass Kit. Check out more of our product at or browse our products with the link below!



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