Can Cats Eat Grass? Why They Should or Shouldn't

Can Cats Eat Grass? Why They Should or Shouldn't

Believe it or not, cats eat grass because they enjoy it. Eating grass is a great way for them to make sure that they are getting the extra nutrients that they need in their diet. If you spot your cat eating grass, this could be an indicator that they are not getting enough folic acid in their diet, or that they need to cough up a hairball. This is why cat grass has become such a popular product for cat parents, especially those with indoor cats.

What Do I Do if I See my Cat Eating Grass?

If you see your cat eating grass, it may be that they have an upset stomach. Cats eat grass occasionally as it helps them to regurgitate, and it clears their system of anything that they may not be able to digest such as feathers or bones from prey. If you see your cat eating grass, then the best thing you can do is leave them alone. Cats eat grass to move blockages in the same way that dogs sometimes do.

Benefits of Letting your Cat Eat Grass

Cats eat grass as a way to try and get more folic acid in their diet. Grass juice is known for containing folic acid which is actually present in their mother's milk. This supports the production of hemoglobin. Of course, seeing your cat eating grass can sometimes be alarming but you have to remember that grass juice can help your cat to keep its digestive tract moving. Cats eat grass as a way to relieve constipation too, so if you know that your cat is struggling with this, then you may have your answer as to why they have started spontaneously eating grass.

Is Cat Grass Good for your Feline Friend?

Cats eat grass as a way to benefit their digestive system. That being said, cat grass is good for them for a huge range of other reasons too. It gives them a number of vital of nutrients, and it helps to keep your cat healthy. If you let your cat eat grass, you will soon find that they have a much cleaner digestive tract, better breath, and possibly even a better mood.

So now you know why cats eat grass, and you also know that they can digest grass with ease. If you don't know if your cat eats grass or not, then the best way for you to find out would be for you to get some cat grass seeds. This will help you to monitor how much your cat eats and also make sure that they are getting the nutritional benefits they need. If your cat eats grass outside, this is great, but cat grass is a perfect solution for indoor cats who may not get this kind of exposure. Why not purchase some cat grass from the Cat Ladies today? So, you can benefit your cat's health in more ways than one. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we are the market leader in cat grass!


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