Cat Adoption Checklist

Cat Adoption Checklist

If you want to adopt a cat, you'll need this cat adoption checklist. Here you'll find out what type of products you need, whether it is cat food for your new cat, a litter box, or even a cat collar.

Why should you Prepare by Using a Cat Adoption Checklist?

Not a lot of people prepare as much as they should when they adopt a feline friend. That is why it’s so important that you use a cat adoption checklist, so you can make sure that you have all the cat essentials for your adult cat or new pet. The cost of adopting a cat can be as high as $405 for the first year, and then $340 a year after that. By budgeting for all the cat essentials now, you can make sure that you have everything you need for your new pet or adult cat. Take a look below to view our cat adoption checklist for your new pet. Additionally, making your home cat-proof is a crucial step in the preparation process, involving the removal of toxic houseplants and securing small objects to ensure a safe environment for your new companion.

Cat Food and Water Bowls for your New Cat

When you make your new pet cat adoption checklist, the first thing you should be picking up is some food and water bowls. You can buy any material you want here, but be mindful of the type of food you intend to feed. Pet food comes in two forms, you have wet cat food and dry cat food.

Your new pet may already have a preference, so talk to the previous cat owners (or animal shelter) to make sure the cat food you are buying is suitable. If you are picking up an adopted cat, this is even more important. Metal food and water bowls are common and easy to clean when feeding wet food, but your new cat may not like the sound and might prefer plastic food and water bowls instead. This same concept can apply to your cat litter box as well.

Keep reading to find out more about cat essentials and why the litter box you choose matters for your new pet.

Cat Litter and Litter Box Choices for your Feline Friend

Next up on this cat adoption checklist, a litter box. Cats do have preferences for cat litter, so take the time to learn about the types of litter box and cat litter that's available so you can make a solid choice. Your feline friend will eventually tell you what they like in terms of their litter box, but for now, it helps to choose a few options for your new cat.

Cat litter and a litter box is one of the many cat essentials you'll want to focus on for your new cat or adopted furry friend.

Cat Grass for your New Cat

Cat grass is a great investment for your new pet. It’s also one of the top cat essentials. This should be on your adoption checklist purely because it provides your new cat with a lot of enrichment. Most cats benefit from having a specific place to scratch and exercise, so combining cat grass with a tall, sturdy cat tree is highly recommended, especially in smaller homes and new environments.

When you buy cat grass for your feline friend, you will soon find that it gives them a lot of mental stimulation. People often combine cat grass with a cat tree, along with new cat toys. Cat grass offer many benefits for your new cat which include improving your cats digestive system and providing folic acid which helps to transport oxygen around the body. Most cats enjoy the combination of cat grass and cat trees for both mental and physical stimulation, enhancing their overall well-being.


So, as you can see, this cat adoption checklist gives you a rough idea of the cat essentials you need for your new pet. By making sure you have a cat tree for your new cat or new pet, you can be sure to give them all of the cat essentials they need to settle right in.

Cat Adoption Checklist FAQ's

What items should I include on my cat adoption checklist?

Your cat adoption checklist should include essential items such as a litter box, cat food and water bowls, a scratching post, toys, a cozy bed, grooming supplies, and a collar with identification tags. Additionally, consider items like a carrier for transportation, a brush for grooming, and a variety of toys to keep your new feline friend entertained.
Is it necessary to cat-proof my home before adopting a cat?

Yes, it's essential to cat-proof your home before bringing a new cat into your household. Remove any toxic plants, secure loose cords and cables, store cleaning products and other hazardous materials out of reach, and ensure that windows and balconies are safely enclosed to prevent accidental falls. 
What should I consider when selecting a cat for adoption?

When selecting a cat for adoption, consider factors such as the cat's age, temperament, and activity level to ensure compatibility with your lifestyle and preferences. Spend time interacting with different cats at the shelter or rescue organization to gauge their personality and behavior. Additionally, consider factors such as grooming requirements, medical history, and any special needs or considerations that may impact your decision. 

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