How do I grow cat grass?

How do I grow cat grass?

We get asked this question a lot. 


The answer: it is super easy!


Cat grass grows in 4-6 days and needs little care. You can grow from seed, just make sure you get a high germination seed like The Cat Ladies 100% Organic cat grass seed blend or Rose and Branch wheat grass seeds. We like Organic for obvious reasons!

 The tips for growing perfect cat grass....just don't over water and keep the seeds in temperate temperatures between about 72 and 78 degrees. 

 If you want step by step instructions here they are: 


  1. Add soil contents to planter
  2. Add enough warm (not hot) water to fully moisten the soil
  3. Fluff soil and remove about 2-3 tbsp. soil and set aside
  4. Sprinkle seeds evenly over soil
  5. Cover seeds with 1/8” soil and gently press soil over seeds
  6. Place planter in a warm, semi dark area (just away from direct light, not in complete darkness as it may cause mold)

NOTE: For faster results cover planter loosely with plastic wrap just until first sprouts appear (no longer than 1 -2 days)

  1. After sprouts appear or no more than two days, remove plastic wrap and move to a sunny location
  2. Keep soil moist until grass reaches 3”. Check moisture daily. Once established: do not over water.
  3. In about 4-7 days, once grass reaches about 4-5” it is ready to feed to your pet.

Grass naturally withers in a few weeks.

Step 1 Cat grassStep 2 cat grass

 Read more about why cats love grass and some of the many benefits of cat grass for your indoor cat!


We love cats! 


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