Organic Cat Grass Seed Growing Kit Cats Healthy Household Pets The Catladies
Organic Non GMO Grass seed for healthy household pets
Organic Cat Grass Seed Growing Kit Cats Healthy Household Pets The Catladies
Organic Non GMO Cat Grass Seed Natural Healthy Pet Food

Organic Cat Grass Refill Kit - 3 Pack

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  • Natural hairball control and hairball remedy for cats
  • Our proprietary blend of organic wheat, oats, rye, and barley provides an important source of vitamins A, B, C, E and K. as well as essential minerals and nutrients like Calcium, Chlorophyll (a natural breath freshener), Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, and Pantothenic Acid.
  • Simple and easy to grow: Grow amazing Organic Pet Grass in about 5-7 days. 
  • The perfect gift for pets and pet lovers
  • Educational - Teach children the plant growth cycle in just a few days

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Phillippe St. Gerard
United States United States
Hope you’re in the mood for some salad.

It grows so quickly and luxuriously that my little cat can’t keep up with it and I end up cutting it down so it doesn’t get too tall. Next time I’ll try using just half of it, but it’s a great product. My wife found the company on amazon but I ordered the refills through the site; shipping was super fast and cheap-to-free. Five stars.

United States United States
Sophie loves her grass!

I had purchased the black kitty planter from Sophie really liked it. She's 11 months old. I decided to purchase the refill directly from The Cat Ladies because I try to support the small businesses when I can. The delivery was so fast and I can't believe the refill grass came up so quickly! I will be ordering another kitty planter from you because when my kitten doesn't have her grass she goes after my plants. I guess I will always have to have one ready for her so she doesn't miss it.

United States United States
Junior loved it.

It seemed to grow fast despite my cat acting like a lawnmower every time we gave him some. Ran out and had to reorder.

Jack M.
United States United States

My wife bought a grass & mug kit for our 2 year old tom and he loved it. I gave it to him after his meals and gave him some catnip as a chaser. I call them his "grass" and "weed". He's a regular hippy. He expects his grass after every meal now so I have to keep it growing, and growing, and growing ..etc. So he's hooked on it and I have to be his dealer.

Margaret H.
United States United States
love it!

The set up was easy although I missed the part on the instructions about holding out some soil to cover the seeds, so my first effort gave little depth to the roots but that was my fault. I'm ordering refills as my cat and even my dog like it! I may end up ordering another planter so I can start another pot growing while the one begins to die out. It DOES die out after several weeks but was stated as such on the ad for the product and was aware that would happen.